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Our chefs offer expert knowledge of Halal, Indian, Kebab, Pizza to enhance your delivery experience. Our customers have been coming to us for years to experience delivery done right. Captain Cook's can make the next night in one to remember!

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43 Railway Street
Nelson, BB99SG

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cheese and tomato


beef, salami, ham, pepperoni and jalapenos




chicken, donner, chips, cheese, salad and sauce

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108 reviews


  • Awful order was completely wrong and 1 kebab had literally 4 cubes of chicken and was swimming in sauce. Driver was rude & didn't get full refun


  • Kebab was awful. Cold.


  • Always excellent.


  • I ordered it with staffed chees and receaved without cheese,2.5pound - to me and a big dissapointment.


  • It was cool ya bro :)


  • The vegetable Bunha I ordered was not as expected - it was far too spicy (even for someone who likes spicy food) and the meat in the 'meat curry' was overcooked and tough - it went in the bin!


  • [RESUBMITTED]The onion sauce and the spices were raw,hardly cooked,it was not a very good meal,it was not achari,i am a asian and orderd chefs choice,in a nut shell it was rubbish,threw it away.


  • Ordered a lot of food and forgot quite afew of the items then delivered them half an hour after we had ate our food.


  • no pillau rice delivered with house special of lamb chilli masala.Rang them direct and they said they would get back to me :-( Hungryhouse rang instead to say they have no pillau rice :-( So hungry and riceless I tried the "House Special" It has never seen Lamb it was BEEF! Thanks for nothing! :-( conning folk by covering it in curry sauce may fool some people but you have lost a customer here :-(


  • It took them over an hour and a half to deliver my food. When my food arrived all of it was cold and they never gave me my free 9 inch garlic bread as it said I would get one with my order confirmation. I phoned them up and they were trying to tell me the food had just been cooked and they'd send me a free pizza as compensation. I didn't want the pizza I wanted my garlic bread and to top it off I think they made the pizza too spicey on purpose. The food was also cooked badly to boot.


  • Best Donner kebab I've had in Nelson.


  • sent the wrong curry.


  • food was awful and cold




  • the food was the worst i have ever had from an Indian takeaway it went in the bin i would have asked for my money back had it been a resteraunt